Text Message Definition

A text message is understood to mean that message that is received between mobile (or better known as cellular) devices in writing. The text message is given this name by the fact that while the most common in cell phones are voice calls, the text message is written and appears today as one of the most practical, accessible and easy to use elements of the Everyday communication

Text Message Definition

Text messages (also known as SMS or Short Message Service) are messages that have characteristics such as brevity and easy sending. As the acronym states, the main idea of text messages, unlike what can happen with the messages that are transmitted in a call, is that they are brief, that is a few lines. In these messages more immediate, urgent or brief things communicate because sometimes the person can not speak in all situations or perhaps it is not easy to contact the other.their is so many messaging apps and online website are available that provides SMS sending services included (http://smspunch.net/send-free-sms.aspx) this web provides you free SMS send services in Pakistan also there is other websites as well that offering SMS services in various countries

The phenomenon of text messages is a unique element of our time as they have greatly transformed the way we communicate in everyday life. Thus, because of its brevity, text messages have developed a whole new vocabulary that is composed of abbreviated words in a pair of vowels (as in the case of words such as that, or because I want to become q, xq and Kiero respectively). These new words can then appear in countless more or less informal spaces. In addition, text messages also force the person to convey an idea in a limited number of words, so it also prevents the ideas of the message from being too complex or difficult to explain.

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