SEO: What is Google PageRank?

PageRank (PR) is a Google patented algorithm that measures the importance of a particular page and in relation to other pages included in the search engine index. It was invented in the late nineties by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. PageRank implements the concept of link value as a positioning factor.

PR considers that the link to a page is how a vote, indicates importance.

PR approaches the probability that a user, by clicking randomly through the Internet, reaches a particular page. A page that is accessed more often is surely more important and has a higher PR. Each page that links to another, increases your PR. Pages with a higher PR increase the PR of the other page. If you want to know more information about the algorithm of PageRank you can see it in Wikipedia. One tool for viewing the PageRank of websites is the Chrome plugin called PageRank Status. It is worth mentioning that the value of PageRank indicated by Google is a value in a cache and is usually out of date.4

SEO What is Google PageRank

PageRank values are updated only a few times a year, but in many cases, the information that is public no longer works. Therefore, PR is not a measure of precision. Google itself uses updated values to a position.

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PageRank is only one factor within the algorithm that Google uses when constructing search results pages (SERP). It is possible for a page with a lower PR to be positioned above others with a higher PR for a given search. PR is a little agnostic, measures total popularity using links and not the issue that leads them. Currently, Google also investigates the importance of links when positioning is calculated; However, the PR should not be the only focus for SEO. The creation of relevant links will contribute to a higher PR; In changed the creation of too many irrelevant links, solely for the purpose of increasing the PR, will damage the positioning of the site, because Google tries to detect and devalue irrelevant links that are normally used to manipulate the site.

Users also see the PR as a confidence factor and tend to perceive that sites with a high value are more reputable or of a higher quality. In fact, it is what PageRank is designed for. It is a perception concealed by the fact that Google penalizes SPAM or irrelevant sites (or individual pages) by reducing its PR.

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Create a Quality Content Blog Unique SEO Techniques

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