Top 5 GBA Games of All Times

There would be more than 1000+ GBA games, and it becomes confusing to select only a few best games among them. I have narrowed my vision to provide you with the top 5 Game Boy Advance games. Here starts my list with the most-wanted game. You should also check this post on Pingzic website, they have the largest collection of GBA games and have more than 100 best GBA games in their list.

Dr. Mario

Let’s assume the role of Dr Mario and be resolute to uproot the deadly virus. It is a puzzle game, and your main aim in the game is to eradicate the harmful viruses which are populating rapidly on the screen, and you throw capsules on the viruses to kill them. It is undoubtedly a fantastic game where you can select the level of competency and the game difficulty level too.

Mega Man V

It is the game with a lot of adventure and action. You are equipped with armors and weapons, and a robot is your assistant who is known as Tango. You are sent to an entirely different world to fight combats with the opponents by using the traditional and some latest weapons. Defeat them all and increase your opportunities. Although the platform of all Mega Man games is similar, you are rewarded a very powerful weapon in this game that is known as “Mega Arm. Tango is also a new character that was not present in other games. It provides the real action that would stop the heart beats ever now and then.

Final Fantasy Adventure

If you love the legendry GBA game Zelda mythos, you would be crazy for this game too. It uses the same platform where you assume the role of a young hero who tries to secure the Mana Tree. The Dark Lord wants to destroy that tree, and you become the savior on this critical time. With your every successful attempt, you get different rewards including points, levels and much more. The story takes you into its full Trans as it goes on.

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons/Ages

Be heroic and be brave enough to save Princess Zelda by assuming the role of Link. You are the only person who has the courage to face great Ganon to save the beautiful state of Hyrule. The central character of the plot is Triforce, a relic that is the set of three triangles. While playing the game, you never feel that you are in fantasy. You face the real thrill and real dangers. It makes you deeply involved in the game without blinking your eyes.

Kirby & the Amazing Mirror

Now be ready to face the Mirror world that exists above the Dream Land. Everything that reflects in these fabulous mirrors comes true. Unfortunately, it has started copying the evils only, and the world has become full of evil minds. You assume the role of a knight who has to save the Mirror World. It is indeed a fabulous story that encourages you to move on and on.

Colorful Bathing Accessories For Modern Bathroom Decoration

The objective of decorating a bathing space is to make it comfortable and inviting for the user. The decoration which soothes the eyes and gives a relaxed feeling is the best decor ever. Add a hint of dramatic influence to your stylish baths with the right punches of colors and artworks. Colors add a vibrant touch to the bathroom decor. The bathrooms can be converted into a wonderful dreamland by giving special personal touches to decorate it.

When you take pains in designing the space it will satisfy your personality and reflect your essence. But, unfortunately, bathrooms are the most left out spaces of the house. They are the rooms which we think of only when there is a sewage problem or need some repair. You should check best toilets reviews by Matt at Shop Toilet blog before choosing one for your bathroom. You should have a colorful toilet installed there.

Cheerful and bright pops of colors can be one of the simplest and cost effective ideas to decorate a bathroom. You may have a lavish and exotic bathing area or a small apartment bathroom to decorate, but we are sure to give you simple solutions to remodeling your baths. When you think of a bathroom, remodel the first thing that pops into your mind is the budget involved in the project. The next point that follows is the bathroom blueprint and the space limitations. Minor detailing in the bathrooms can result in an aesthetic bathroom appearance.

Sybaritic Bathroom Décor Ideas with Colorful Accessories

The silence of the plain white wash for the bathroom walls is broken with the bright pinky accessories. The colored towels and soap bars give an appealing excitement to the area. To make the bathroom look organized and clutter free, we have installed wall shelves in wooden and glass finishes. This adds different textures to the bathing space.

The colored linen is matched with other accessories, however; you may choose to have greens or blues to contrast with the others. The wooden flooring should be selected with caution as it will be in contact with water every time. The heating rails are another smart storage option in the bathrooms which hang and dry the towels after use.

Decorate your bath walls with lovely paintings or wall decals to shed a relaxed feeling throughout the room. The walls may be covered in wallpapers with bold patterns to impart a daring look to the bathroom.

A modern bathroom with simple style can look amazing when we add drama to break the silence. What can be better than using a mix of colors in the bathroom decoration?

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How to remove malware from our computers

How to Remove Malware From Our Computers

Explaining the Nature of Malware

If you have a malware infection on your system, it is vital that you do something about it right away. An infection can lead to all sorts of hassle and potentially to all types of expenses, so remove it immediately. You may be wondering, however, how to remove malware quickly, safely and more efficiently. Also checkout this guide if you are facing problems with dns unlocker spyware on your computer’s here dns unlocker removal.

If you want to know how to remove malware, you should be aware that there are many types. Each type is created to do something different to your system, and each variety needs to be scrubbed from your system differently. If you want to know how to remove threats speedily in a way that handles most types of malware, you should consider an antimalware or antivirus product like PCKeeper, MacKeeper or Norton.

One of the most problematic types of malware is spyware. Spyware can not only cause some disruptions with your machine; it can cause disruptions to your life. Spyware collects information, often sensitive information about those who use the infected computer. Spyware can harvest your login credentials, contact lists, address books, financial reporting and much more.


Signs of a Spyware Infection

An adamant sign that you have a spyware infection is problems with the way your system has been functioning. Spyware and most other types of malware are poorly written, which will in time start slowing your computer down and causing other problems.
Sometimes spyware and other malware may make changes to your web browser.  Some malware will install new toolbars or will reset your homepage. You may also find that your search results are relocated to a seemingly random site.

If you have an antimalware or antispyware product on your system, it should tell you that you have an infection. If you suspect an infection, download an antimalware product immediately, but if it doesn’t detect an infection, you may still have one. Some infections are now being designed to hide, and the newest infections won’t have immediate solutions.

Removing Spyware

When wondering how to remove malware or spyware, please note that you can do it manually. Usually, this involves changes to the computer’s registry and other things that should only be done by computer professionals. If you have an infection that needs to be removed manually, you should seek out a professional for help.
The good news is that most spyware and other malware infections can be eliminated with antimalware software. These programs will scan your system to find and get rid of any infections, and if you have this software on your system, it can help stop you from downloading and installing spyware and other malware unwittingly on your computer system.


No matter how you choose to do it, it is vital that you remove spyware and malware from your system as soon as you can. You should also stay off the internet until the infection is removed from your system. If you are offline, it will be impossible for the spyware to transmit any of your information to the hacker who infected you in the first place.

We hope that this guide can help you out with getting rid of malware or spyware from your computers. Here I’m attaching the best antimalware software’s which you can use to remove spyware from your PC.

1- Hitman Pro.

2- Malwarebytes.

3- Zemana.

4- Norton.

5- Adw Cleaner

Openoffice Vs Libreoffice Pic

OpenOffice vs LibreOffice – All You Need To Know! that was an open source of office suite introduced OpenOffice and LibreOffice. These two suits are updated on the regular basis, and the users of these programs are increasing with the passage of time. If you never use these programs and have no idea that which is the better option for you then here is a brief description for you so you can get an idea that which program is best for you.

In 2011, the Oracle got Sun Microsystems who modified the name of the StarOffice to Oracle Open Office that was terminated later. Some of the workers did not want to work on this project anymore, so they left and launched the LibreOffice that is a branch of The trademark was acquired by the Apache Software Foundation and renamed it as an office suit Apache OpenOffice.


The programs named OpenOffice and LibreOffice are available for the clients free of cost and both programs are offered in a new version. You can use Mac, Linux, and Windows to use the programs. The applications that are offered by the programs include presentations, documents, databases, and spreadsheets. Moreover, there is no difference in the interfaces of both of the programs.


In each office suite, there is a default theme available for the word processing program. The OpenOffice contains sidebars, but there is no sidebar in the LibreOffice that is developed for the demonstration of widescreen. It does not mean that the LibreOffice is deprived of this feature, but you can enable this feature by simply Clicking the Tools, then tap Options, select the LibreOffice, click on Advanced. Now, go to the Enable Experimental Features. Restart the program and tap View, then click on the Sidebar.

Word count

Another major difference between these two office suites is relevant to the status bar. The status bar in the LibreOffice is positioned at the bottom of the screen along with a live updating word count. But if you are using the OpenOffice and want to check the word count then you have to go to the Tool option, and click on the option of the word count.


The LibreOffice offer you the opportunity to insert a font in the document but first you need to activate this feature. Just go to File, then choose properties, and turn on this feature. This feature is not available in the OppenOffice.


The user of LibreOffice has an advantage that they can incorporate the OpenOffice program into the LibreOffice. On the other hand, the OpenOffice does not provide such type of feature, so the users of the OpenOffice are not able to incorporate the LibreOffice program into the OpenOffice. So it is the big advantage for the users if LibreOffice that they can use two programs simultaneously.

No matter you are using LibreOffice or OpenOffice program, both programs are fine to use because these programs are powerful free office suits. Both programs are much similar to each other, and it is not an easy job to notify the difference if you are a beginner.

How to Re-Partition in Windows 10

If you are concerned about the availability of less volume of any partition in your Hard Disk, you can re-size it easily. You can perform it by using different ways such as by using a third-party software or with the help of Disk Management that is a handy built-in utility in Windows 10. You can use Disk Management not only in Windows 10 but also in Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. Unlike a third-party software, it does not require any downloading or installation that can waste your precious time. So what you need to do is to use Disk Management to resize the partition. Let’s have a look what are the steps you need to follow in this context.

You can access this utility by using multiple ways.

Way#1: To open Disk Management, you need to Press “Windows + X” keys to show the hidden Start menu in Windows 10. Look here for “Disk Management” feature. As soon as you get the feature, just click to access it.

Way#2: Open “Windows Explorer” and click “This PC” in the left pane. As soon as you select it, on the top of the window, there will appear a few options. You have to select “Manage” from them. It will take you to the “Computer Management” utility where you can see Disk Management” in the left pane.

  • When you open this service, you will see all of the hard disk drives and their volume details in it.
  • You should look for the drive that needs to be re-sized. Right-click the drive to view its context menu.
  • From the list, you should select one of the two options i.e. Extend Volume or Shrink Volume.

Extend Volume: If the small amount is allocated to the drive and you need to increase its size, you should select “Extend Volume” option from the list.

Shrink Volume: If the drive has a significant volume and you want to reduce its size, you need to select “Shrink Volume” option here.

  • As soon as you choose one of the above-discussed options, there will appear a window where you will see the available size of the drive and your desired size option. You can calculate the total size and then put the final digits to resize the drive according to your preferences.
  • Once you have done with it, you should click Shrink or Extend option given there.
  • Now return to the Start Screen. Go to “This PC” by using Windows Explorer and view the volume of all of the drives in Hard Disk. Check whether you have successfully done your job or not? It will show you the size of every partition.

That’s all guys! It takes a couple of minutes if you use Disk Management tool for this purpose. It will.