15 fitness tips from Cristiano Ronaldo

Learn how to train your mind as well as your body: Mental strength is as important as physical strength and helps you achieve your goals.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Be disciplined: keeping motivation high and always following a routine is key. Personally, there is no place for rest, in that you have to be strict.
Set goals: help keep your concentration and work towards your goals.

Having a training partner: this is a good way to add a little competitiveness. If you train with someone who is on a level of fitness similar to yours, you will motivate each other.

Rest well to get the most out of your workout. I go to bed early and get up early, especially before a game. Sleeping helps the muscles to recover.

A correct warm-up prevents injuries: before our workouts, we give a few laps to the pitch, do stretches and cardio. Make sure you do something similar in your workouts, even if it is running something before the gym, running on the treadmill or climbing the bike.

Mix your routines: I recommend a combination of cardiovascular exercise (eg running and / or rowing) and weight training, to ensure that the exercises have repercussions throughout the body, while increasing strength and endurance.

High Intensity Exercises: These are important for raising blood pumping and increasing vitality or endurance. We do many sprint exercises on warming up, which can also be incorporated into your workout in the gym or outdoors.

Cardio sessions: they are key to staying in shape. It is good to make cycles of about 30 minutes and increase the number as they grow stronger.

Incorporate exercise into your routine whenever possible: you can do a sit-up at home when you get up, or before going to bed. Generating a routine makes it a habit.

Proper Diet: A good workout should be combined with a proper diet. Mine is high in protein, with lots of carbs in grain, fruits and vegetables, avoiding sugars. I love the fish, especially the Portuguese grilled cod and in restaurants I usually order a steak accompanied by a salad.

Hydration: you have to stay well hydrated. Drinking water is essential and also avoiding alcohol.

Eat regularly: If you train regularly, it is important to keep your energy levels high. Sometimes I make up to six small meals a day, to make sure I give the maximum performance in each session.

I try to listen to music during training, it serves both to isolate myself as a motivation and to train better. I usually listen to hip hop and reggaeton.
Relax: training and physical sessions are important, but leading a relaxed lifestyle helps you get the most out of yourself physically and mentally.
Spending time with family and friends helps me relax and maintain a positive attitude.

Now you only have to ask the Vitonics if these 15 fitness tips, a little bit of photoshop and a lot of reggaeton are the key that “merengón” look like this in their latest snapshots.


How to Know if I Can Have 6 or 8 Abs

Five Steps to Getting Good Abs

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If the Swarm Finances a Luxury Hotel

The restaurant critics of Gault & Millau are feared for their cynical-sarcastic formulations. If a meal is served to them, which is displeasing to their delicate palate sensitivity, it hails sharp-tongued criticism. However, Christopher Schlang, maître de cuisine in the restaurant “Bootshaus” of the “Weissenhaus Grand Village Resort”, obviously knows how delicious dishes are prepared. The testers of the gastronomy leader of his kitchen, founded by French gastronomic critics, Henri Gault and Christian Millau,

The most recent award is not only a welcome trophy for the five-star superior hotel complex opened on the Schleswig-Holstein Baltic Sea coast in 2014. It is also a further proof for 1670 investors that they had not made a bad choice when they jointly handed over € 7.5 million to the former AOL German chef Jan Henric Buettner to make this dream of the luxury resort at the Weißenhäuser Beach – exclusively via the Internet.

On the network platform of the Berlin company Companista Buettner had promised money for his project – and in this “Schwarmfinanzierung” the necessary millions get together. The “swarm”, called the “Crowd”, is the users who are traveling around the world’s data network. And the crowd funding, the acquisition of capital via the Internet, is the latest craze for project developers who need money for a real estate project – and for private investors who want to achieve a higher rate of return than straight-line or fixed-income investments with their mini-coins.

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More than 40 million euros collected

For those who borrow money from the swarm over the Internet pays for seemingly attractive interest. “The span ranged from five to seven percent in 2016,” says Michael Stephan, founder and managing director of the Berlin company iFunded. The company, which also operates a crowdfunding platform, has now investigated what happened on the German real estate swarm financing market last year. The result: “A total of 41.2 million euros were collected in the crowds for real estate projects in 2016,” says Stephan. Compared with the 18.6 million euro that project developers in 2015 were able to obtain from swarm financing, this represents an increase of more than 121 per cent.

Crowdfunding plays hardly any role in the overall market. “In the past year, a total of 219.4 billion euros was invested in German residential and commercial real estate,” says Jürgen Michael Schick, President of the real estate agency “Immobilienverband Deutschland”.

The amount should have been similarly high in 2016, says Günter Vornholz, professor of real estate economics at the EBZ Business School in Bochum. “Around 70 per cent of these real estate investments are likely to have been lent, since even large professional investors can not pay their real estate purchases entirely from their own funds.” This would correspond to a total loan sum of around 154 billion euros. “The proportion of crowdfunding in the entire financing business would thus have amounted to just 0.026 percent,” says Vornholz.

Private investors are desperate for interest income

Up to now, banks, savings banks, insurance companies and credit funds have provided the majority of real estate financing. These are vehicles in which institutional investors, such as family offices and pension funds, are capital in order to lend them to professional real estate buyers.

This gives the operators of the swarm financing platforms a lot of space to grow strongly. Finally, the rate of inflation recently increased to 1.9 per cent, making it possible for private investors to look for ways to generate higher interest income for their money. “Real estate crowdfunding is so popular because it lowers the hurdles for investors and opens up real estate investments to a broad population,” says iFunded CEO Stephan. Already with an amount of only 500 euro, private investors on the platforms could participate as a lender in a real estate project. Moreover, the capital is usually only tied for a few years. Once a project developer has sold his property, the loan is repaid.

But experts doubt that the swarm financing will ever be more than a niche product. The reason: “Investors do not receive an adequate return on their risk during crowdfunding,” says Steffen Sebastian, professor of real estate finance at the University of Regensburg. “Private equity funds, which are usually the capital capita- tion generated by crowdfunding platforms, require annual interest rates of between 12 and 20 percent.”

If the Swarm Finances a Luxury Hotel

Project developers do not use the loans taken over swarm finance to finance the entire construction of a property. Rather, according to the crowdfunding platforms of the iFunded study, they obtain on average only 8.9 percent of the total investment volume. “It would be much too expensive for developers to push an entire project through a swarm financing at an average interest rate of six percent,” says Immobilienökonom Vornholz. “Finally, banks make real estate loans at interest rates of less than two percent.”

Mezzanine loans are risky and expensive

This applies however only to loans, which amount to 60 to 70 per cent of the property value. However, because project developers generally only have ten to 15 percent equity, they also need so-called mezzanine capital to meet the banks’ equity requirement. The terminology is based on the Italian word mezzo – half: and describes loans that fulfill a hermaphroditic function. In the balance sheet terms, they are considered half as a credit and half as equity. The borrower has to repay the loan, but the bank can recognize it as equity when it receives additional loans.

This is possible because mezzanine loans are collateralized by other lenders against loans from banks, insurance companies or loan funds. For this reason, these institutions reckon mezzanine loans to the borrower’s equity and therefore reduce the interest rate for the loans they provide themselves.

However, these mezzanine loans are risky and correspondingly expensive because of the subordinated collateral. “In the event of insolvency, the banks’ claims are served, then the mezzanine capital providers,” says Sebastian, the finance expert. “Mezzanine investors therefore bear the risk of a total loss.” Therefore, private equity funds charged the project developers the high interest rates to offset their risk. “Investors who make such mezzanine loans via crowds finance, on the other hand, receive a far too low remuneration for the risk they take, given normal interest rates of between five and seven percent,” says Sebastian.

Swarm financing with multiplier effect

However, the project developers would hardly get the mezzanine capital at crowds finance more than if they were getting private equity funds, the finance expert says. “The platforms also require borrowers to pay interest on their accumulated capital of usually six percent or more per cent.” Therefore, the interest of project developers in swarm financing has so far been rather low.

In fact, the € 8.5 million financing of the “Weissenhaus Grand Village Resort” was still the highest amount to be invested in German crowdfunding platforms for a real estate project. The Berlin-based platform operator Companista described the project as a “lighthouse project for the crowdfunding industry”. A good three years later, the amount has still not been surpassed.

Create a Quality Content Blog Unique SEO Techniques

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SEO Technical Readers

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Create a Quality Content Blog Unique SEO Techniques

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How to Know if I Can Have 6 or 8 Abs

There is a genetic condition to develop 6 or 8 packs of abs. Hence the name of 6-pack or 8-pack.I will show you how you can develop them according to your condition, and how to know if you can have the 6-pack or the 8-pack.You can always get to 6 even if you only have 2 or 4 do not be put off and follow my directions.
The first thing I’m going to teach you is to know how many abs you have, even if you have tummy and are covered with fat and you have them, now you must make them visible to attract beautiful women’s looks on the beach.

How to Know if I Can Have 6 or 8 Abs

Put your abs hard, as much as you can, no matter you do not have much strength, the idea is to use all your strength from there. Then touch your abs and count how many you have. If it is 4 or 2 you did wrong the exercise because there is at least 6, if it is 8 well, even 10, it is less common but it exists. Already 12 does not exist and if you count that you did the exercise wrong or it is a very strange case. Because I have not heard from anyone with 12 ever.

Now in addition to the exercises you should eat healthily, if you spend eating junk food in your life you are going to see crunches and do not go crazy enough to get it, because in addition eating junk and with dangerous chemicals that is completely lost.

You can not base the body of your dreams on a fraud because if you do, you will lose it. If you eat healthy and natural food you will not have tummy anymore and the muscle grows faster.

With junk food I do not mean just sugar or fat, that’s a ridiculous thing that tells you the advertising to sell you light products, which are worse and fatter. It suspects if someone talks to you about low calories, that is something obsolete, from the past, the reality is that it matters a lot the composition of what you eat, be it fruit or food as a whole.

Avoid fast food, like salads packed in bags or plastic packaging as the plastic gives off xenoestrogens that fatten you in fat, like ground meat, which make a kind of plastic to keep it stuck and not separate. And animals fed hormones, or soy concentrate, because they get sick or you eat the hormones.

He prefers grass fed animals and what they should naturally eat, ie not fast food restaurants. Also sugar and all its chemical substitutes, to sweeten it uses stevia or honey of bee.

Saturated fat is not bad if it comes from an animal that feeds naturally, otherwise you should not eat it and only in that case should you remove the skin from the chicken or other meats. Fried vegetable oils are converted to trans fat which is worse than saturated fat that is not natural. (For cooking, better coconut oil, palm or extra virgin so that it does not return trans fat)

To have size in the abdominals do the traditional ones and then you change of exercise. Then you put weight and series of 15 to 20. To be defined and seen all uses high series and to grow series of 8, do not make your abdomen grow big, just a little and then keep it defined. Do crunches at the end of the routine.

So apply first to know how many you have so that you can see them later.

Five Steps to Getting Good Abs

Barcelona. (Writing) .- Having a flat and toned belly is one of the great desires shared by men and women. Saying it is easier than getting it, because to achieve it you must invest time and dedication and follow both a good diet and an exercise routine. This causes many people to leave within a few weeks of starting their training and not seeing results. In order to avoid frustration, the ABS Diet is born, a method that promises to get perfect abs in just six weeks.

Created by David Zinczenko, director of the men’s magazine Men’s Health, it is intended for both men and women and has already become popular all over the world. It is known as “the diet of the abdominals” and its name has served to catch the attention of multiple celebrities, who have not hesitated to try it and see its benefits. Thus, following specific nutrition advice and a constant activity rhythm, the expert says that in a month and a half you will be able to see the results. For this, Zinczenko points out that it is necessary to follow five essential guidelines:

Five Steps to Getting Good Abs
1.- Exercise. 50% of this diet is based on maintaining an active life and nothing sedentary. Exercises are needed to tone the belly, but the magazine’s editor also notes that the abs “do not work in the gym, but in the kitchen.” This impinges on the importance of following a good diet to strengthen the muscles, and at the same time defends the meaning of his method.

2.- Take six meals a day. It is one of the patterns that repeat most nutritionists and that less meets most people. Zinczenko wants to make it clear that with his diet no one goes hungry and that is why they must make six meals a day: breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, dinner and a snack before going to bed.

3.- Take into account the calories. Do not stop eating, but take into account the caloric level that the body needs and respect it without passing. Of all foods there are always varieties with more calories and less. “Swiss cheese is not the same as Cheddar or a Caesar salad as a green one,” he says. You must control what you eat, but do not fall into obsession.

4.- One meal “trap” a week. Sin is not forbidden, but always in moderation. Therefore, the ABS method recommends reserving a single day of the week to fall into temptation and eat the most desired dishes. Yes, only during one meal a week.

5. Eat the 12 superfoods. This is, in essence, the great strategy of the ABS diet. It consists of taking at least one superfood at each of the six meals a day. What are superfoods?

– Almonds and walnuts. They contribute satiety and help strengthen muscles.
– Legumes. They are a powerful fat burner and help with digestion.
– Spinach and green vegetables. It neutralizes the aging process and prevents obesity.
– Dairy products. They strengthen bones by their calcium content and promote weight loss.
– Oats. It provides energy and contains properties to cope with diabetes.
– Eggs. They help build muscle and make it easier to burn fat.
– Turkey and lean meats. Strengthen muscle mass and immune system.
– Peanut butter. It is an ally to burn fat.
– Olive oil. It lowers cholesterol and boosts the immune system.
– Whole grain bread and whole grains. Prevents fat storage in the body.
– Whey protein. It makes the muscle grow and reduces the level of fat.
– Berries. Provide satiety and improve memory and sight.