OpenOffice vs LibreOffice – All You Need To Know!

Openoffice Vs Libreoffice Pic that was an open source of office suite introduced OpenOffice and LibreOffice. These two suits are updated on the regular basis, and the users of these programs are increasing with the passage of time. If you never use these programs and have no idea that which is the better option for you then here is a brief description for you so you can get an idea that which program is best for you.

In 2011, the Oracle got Sun Microsystems who modified the name of the StarOffice to Oracle Open Office that was terminated later. Some of the workers did not want to work on this project anymore, so they left and launched the LibreOffice that is a branch of The trademark was acquired by the Apache Software Foundation and renamed it as an office suit Apache OpenOffice.


The programs named OpenOffice and LibreOffice are available for the clients free of cost and both programs are offered in a new version. You can use Mac, Linux, and Windows to use the programs. The applications that are offered by the programs include presentations, documents, databases, and spreadsheets. Moreover, there is no difference in the interfaces of both of the programs.


In each office suite, there is a default theme available for the word processing program. The OpenOffice contains sidebars, but there is no sidebar in the LibreOffice that is developed for the demonstration of widescreen. It does not mean that the LibreOffice is deprived of this feature, but you can enable this feature by simply Clicking the Tools, then tap Options, select the LibreOffice, click on Advanced. Now, go to the Enable Experimental Features. Restart the program and tap View, then click on the Sidebar.

Word count

Another major difference between these two office suites is relevant to the status bar. The status bar in the LibreOffice is positioned at the bottom of the screen along with a live updating word count. But if you are using the OpenOffice and want to check the word count then you have to go to the Tool option, and click on the option of the word count.


The LibreOffice offer you the opportunity to insert a font in the document but first you need to activate this feature. Just go to File, then choose properties, and turn on this feature. This feature is not available in the OppenOffice.


The user of LibreOffice has an advantage that they can incorporate the OpenOffice program into the LibreOffice. On the other hand, the OpenOffice does not provide such type of feature, so the users of the OpenOffice are not able to incorporate the LibreOffice program into the OpenOffice. So it is the big advantage for the users if LibreOffice that they can use two programs simultaneously.

No matter you are using LibreOffice or OpenOffice program, both programs are fine to use because these programs are powerful free office suits. Both programs are much similar to each other, and it is not an easy job to notify the difference if you are a beginner.

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