How To Pot A Ball In Snooker – Improve Your Snooker Potting

While some are born with natural talent but others work hard for it.

Potting the snooker balls isn’t that easy as Ronnie o’Sullivan makes it so. You may think of grabbing the stick, taking your shot and potting the ball.

No! It’s not that simple.

There’s a lot to learn on how to pot a ball in Snooker and we’ll definitely help you out with some easy to follow tips that will improve your overall snooker game.

So, brace yourself and strictly consider these tips on potting a ball in snooker.

How to Pot a Ball In Snooker?

I always emphasis on positioning!

Just because a red ball is right in front of a pocket doesn’t mean you should blindly aim for it. You should first position the shot and avoid giving your opponent an unnecessary advantage.

By positioning, I mean to look for the next ball to pot after you hit the red or the colored ball. However, you can always play safe if the next ball is not in a good position to hit.


OK! Now you know that positioning is the most important factor, let’s go through some tips to attempt a successful shot.

  • Evaluation: Start by evaluating the table. Of course, after the balls are scattered. Just like many, you might attempt a difficult shot. This is why you need to go round the table and see which shot is perfect for you.
  • Using Dominant Eye: Always use the dominant eye to make the line of your shot. Take your time to adjust the angle before you hit. Don’t try to rush into things.
  • Aiming: The next thing is to aim and you should aim the cue ball on the spot opposite to the side of the cup that the line goes through the target ball.
  • Hand & Body: For the initial stance, it depends on whether you are right or left handed. If you are left-handed, the left foot should be behind you and vice versa. For the hand, your dominant one will be forming a bridge while the one grabbing the stick will be perpendicular to the floor, making a 90-degree angle.
  • Sweet Spot: It’s the point of contact on the object ball and you must find it perfectly. Take a good look at the cue ball and object ball and the line between them. Try to visualize it. Now, draw a virtual line in your head from the pocket to and through the other side of the object ball. It’s actually what faces away from the pocket.
  • Hitting: Finally, line up the shot and aim to hit the sweet spot perfectly. Make sure that your hitting hand doesn’t rumbles while you aim for the shot. And don’t forget the positioning while you hit the cue. It’s the most important aspect of targeting for the next ball.

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You may not be successful in your first attempt and it may take countless attempts as well. All you need is practice and patience.

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