Designing an Exhibition Stand – A Few Tips for Small Exhibitions

When you are in the process of arranging an exhibition, the most important thing to consider is the design of your exhibition stand. It should be a lot more than eye-catching and colorful. There are only a few people who understand the importance of designing an exhibition; and even if they do, they are unable to carry it out in the right way. For this purpose, and save all the hassle, there is exhibition stand designer company Dubai that is working in this regard and helping businesses hold a successful exhibition.

Exhibition Stand


By working with these companies, you will get to know the importance of the first impression to a potential customer. If your exhibition stand design is worth a while, there is a high probability that even the ones who may not even have thought of availing your services or buying your product earlier, may approach the counter and inquire about the perks of your offers and products or services. So, here are a few key strategies that are opted by successful exhibition holders and exhibition stand designers in order to gain maximum results in a limited time frame.

Know the purpose

Selling your product and advertising it are two different things. You have to be clear at this step. Keep this thing in mind and then design your exhibition stand. It will give you a big exposure and a clear picture of your brand requirements.

Know your audience

Knowing the needs and wants of your audience is one of the most important things. You will not be able to cater potential customers if you are unaware of their needs and desires. There is no use of a wonderful exhibit stand if it does not fulfill the requirements of your audience.

Use of spaceĀ 

Not every brand gets a bigger space in the exhibition, which is why you must know how to utilize the allocated space in the right way. It is often suggested to avoid taking an exhibit space near the entrance of the exit of the hall. A lot of potential customers may be unable to reach you because of a big crowd always entering and entering the venue.

Lights and display

All of the exhibition stand designers focus on the display and lighting of the booth. It is because you have to highlight what you are offering and let people know that you have something unique to offer them. Remember, you may not be the only travel agency advertising in the crowd, so make sure you focus on all the details and do not miss a single point.


The team that is going to represent your brand to the people in the exhibition must be well informed about the products and services they are offering. It is a part of exhibit design because people are going to ask a number of questions and they want them answered accurately.

Taking help and guidance from Exhibition Stand Designer Company Dubai is a wise idea; especially for the businesses that are new in the market or the ones who have been in business for long but are entering the exhibition world for the first time.