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Maintenance Tips for your Volkswagen

Who wouldn’t want to keep their cars as new as possible? We even hear of stories of people who want to preserve that new car smell, but even without going to the perverse, a lot of us can relate to this. Buying a car is a huge investment, so it’s only normal to worry to about the wear and tear that naturally occurs because you use it on a daily basis. To help keep your Volkswagen as pristine as possible for as a long as possible, here as some simple maintenance tips you can try.

Maintenance Tips for your Volkswagen


The quality of your tire can significantly affect the performance and health of your car. One of the key things that you have to remember in maintaining a Volkswagen is making sure that your tires are of good quality, have the right amount of pressure and do not have any damage from sharp objects. Taking the time to inspect them, and check if they’re worn in or damaged can spell the difference between a good performing car and a bad one. It’s also good idea to check for Volkswagen-approved tires before buying a spare or replacements, so it runs your car runs great under any condition.

Oil change

Because you use your car regularly, effective maintenance is also dependent on consistency. Schedule an oil change every 3 months because your car functions best when the oil, which acts both as a cleaning and cooling agent, is refreshed at least after 3,000 miles-worth of use.
Maintaining a Volkswagen means making sure all its parts work smoothly. Oil stops the moving parts of your car from grinding each other too much, lessening the wear and tear and stopping them from overheating. It also keeps debris away from the engine, letting you drain them along with the oil when you change it.


To better understand how regularly checking your brake system affects how your car works, it’s best to understand how brakes function. When you step on the brake, the pads are pressing down on spinning discs. Eventually, the pads and discs are worn down. The constant rubbing of metals against each other causes heat and then cracks. Those can reduce the traction of the brakes over time. So that doesn’t happen, regularly inspecting your brakes is important. It’s even recommended by most automobile companies and automotive technicians.

Brakes are one of most crucial things to check when maintaining a Volkswagen because it’s a basic part of the car. If that suddenly does not work, you could end up in an accident. Investing on new brake pads, and inspections every few months are far cheaper than getting your entire car fixed because of wreck or worse.

Tune ups

Maintaining a Volkswagen is easiest when you set and follow a schedule for tune ups. These inspections make sure that the whole car is working smoothly, and it is a good way to prevent future issues that could harder and more expensive to resolve.

5 Essential Spring Cleaning Tasks


Oh, the spring cleaning. All the tasks you set aside early in the year now expect – a seemingly endless list of tasks. However, not everyone has the time or energy to clean the house from top to bottom. For those who need to shorten this seasonal ritual, house cleaners suggest about Clean Affinity Portland Oregon and  say the following areas are the most critical:


“I think the most people have more trouble keeping up with the skirting boards,” said John Crum, owner of Crum Cleaning in Kansas City, Missouri. To clean your skirting boards, first empty or sweep the area. Then take a cloth or sponge and cleaning solution – a combination of soap and water, vinegar or a wood cleaner – and clean the skirting boards.

High dusting

Homeowners often forget about dust ceiling fans and because they are out of reach. Some may choose not to clean because the job sometimes requires a ladder. Maria Keashon, owner of Arbor Cleaning at Feasterville, adds that owners forget to clean the top of their kitchen cabinets. “With the kitchen cabinets, you normally see people putting plants and decorations up there,” he said. “They never think about going there [clean].” Keashon said that his company always cleans the cabinet head when completing a spring cleaning, since the dust accumulates quickly.Those who do not want to climb to the top of a ladder can buy a wand plus powder made specifically for high applications Level and ceilings.


Crum such walls are another neglected area when it comes to cleaning house.However, homeowners face many challenges when washing walls, because the proper method can vary depending on whether the walls are painted and the type of paint used. If you do not know what type of paint adorns your walls, it is best to use dishwashing soap and water to gently wipe it down. This also works for walls that are not painted, such as those included in the wallpaper. Do not rub too hard or the paint may disappear.

Behind devices

According to Crum, many people overlook the more difficult to reach areas such as behind the refrigerator, oven, washer and dryer as they take more time to clean. However, once a year, you should take extra time to move the devices and clean behind and under them as the dirt, dust and crumbs accumulate in these places. If you own a cat, it is possible that you may find bread clips, hair bands, or other items that had been affected on your devices as well.

Cabinets in the interior

Keashon said that most people assume within their companies remain perfectly clean, as they are only open to remove or store the dishes. However, these areas pick up the dirt in time.She recommends removing all the dishes and cleaning the cabinets once a year.

Text Message Definition

A text message is understood to mean that message that is received between mobile (or better known as cellular) devices in writing. The text message is given this name by the fact that while the most common in cell phones are voice calls, the text message is written and appears today as one of the most practical, accessible and easy to use elements of the Everyday communication

Text Message Definition

Text messages (also known as SMS or Short Message Service) are messages that have characteristics such as brevity and easy sending. As the acronym states, the main idea of text messages, unlike what can happen with the messages that are transmitted in a call, is that they are brief, that is a few lines. In these messages more immediate, urgent or brief things communicate because sometimes the person can not speak in all situations or perhaps it is not easy to contact the other.their is so many messaging apps and online website are available that provides SMS sending services included ( this web provides you free SMS send services in Pakistan also there is other websites as well that offering SMS services in various countries

The phenomenon of text messages is a unique element of our time as they have greatly transformed the way we communicate in everyday life. Thus, because of its brevity, text messages have developed a whole new vocabulary that is composed of abbreviated words in a pair of vowels (as in the case of words such as that, or because I want to become q, xq and Kiero respectively). These new words can then appear in countless more or less informal spaces. In addition, text messages also force the person to convey an idea in a limited number of words, so it also prevents the ideas of the message from being too complex or difficult to explain.

Top 10 Amazing Benefits of Massage

In those days when you are exhausted and all your body parts hurt, what better than a good massage to relax and feel much better? We all love to get a good massage on the back, neck, feet, face … Wherever it is, it will help us feel comforted. But relaxation is not the only benefit that can be attributed to this practice, but the massages offer many other advantages that are not so well known. From improving the immunity of your body to reducing headaches, to improving your beauty. So that you know the amount of good things that offer you, in we present you 10 benefits of the massages.

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1 They relax the muscles and thus release the tension that accumulates due to physical exertion. Massages are an ideal way to reward a tired body, this is the most attributed benefit to this practice.

2 They help control anxiety and depression. Massages help reduce the levels of a hormone called cortisol, which is released in response to stress and, therefore, elevate the mood and lower blood pressure. On the other hand, they can stimulate serotonin and dopamine, two neurotransmitters associated with depression.

3 They relieve the pain. There are studies that ensure that massage helps to relieve chronic back pain. They have also been linked to a decrease in stiffness, while improving the mobility of people suffering from osteoarthritis.

4 Sleep improves, as it seems to increase brain delta waves, which are related to deep sleep. So if you have trouble sleeping, you know a trick to fall asleep in bed.

5 They increase immunity. When a person experiences a period of stress, it is very typical that he falls ill. As it turns out, massages can prevent this, as it has been proven that people who enjoy massage sessions experience measurable changes in the responses of their immune and endocrine system.
6 They fight premenstrual syndrome. Women have more benefits than men, since massages can reduce annoying premenstrual symptoms such as swelling or mood swings.
7 Improve alertness. One study showed that massage recipients recorded an increase in speed and accuracy to perform mathematical calculations.

8 Reduce headaches. Massage therapies are effective for migraine headaches: they decrease their amount and lessen their discomfort.

9 They contribute to beauty. Massages on the face and head are not only pleasurable, they also make the skin look radiant and hair healthier by increasing blood flow.

10 Facilitate cancer treatments. Massages are particularly useful for people who should treat serious illnesses such as cancer, as several studies have shown that they relieve fatigue, pain, anxiety, depression and nausea.

11 If you want to read more articles similar to 10 benefits of massages, we recommend that you enter our category of Beauty and Personal Care.

Take advantage of your benefits and have some massage sessions.

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15 fitness tips from Cristiano Ronaldo

Learn how to train your mind as well as your body: Mental strength is as important as physical strength and helps you achieve your goals.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Be disciplined: keeping motivation high and always following a routine is key. Personally, there is no place for rest, in that you have to be strict.
Set goals: help keep your concentration and work towards your goals.

Having a training partner: this is a good way to add a little competitiveness. If you train with someone who is on a level of fitness similar to yours, you will motivate each other.

Rest well to get the most out of your workout. I go to bed early and get up early, especially before a game. Sleeping helps the muscles to recover.

A correct warm-up prevents injuries: before our workouts, we give a few laps to the pitch, do stretches and cardio. Make sure you do something similar in your workouts, even if it is running something before the gym, running on the treadmill or climbing the bike.

Mix your routines: I recommend a combination of cardiovascular exercise (eg running and / or rowing) and weight training, to ensure that the exercises have repercussions throughout the body, while increasing strength and endurance.

High Intensity Exercises: These are important for raising blood pumping and increasing vitality or endurance. We do many sprint exercises on warming up, which can also be incorporated into your workout in the gym or outdoors.

Cardio sessions: they are key to staying in shape. It is good to make cycles of about 30 minutes and increase the number as they grow stronger.

Incorporate exercise into your routine whenever possible: you can do a sit-up at home when you get up, or before going to bed. Generating a routine makes it a habit.

Proper Diet: A good workout should be combined with a proper diet. Mine is high in protein, with lots of carbs in grain, fruits and vegetables, avoiding sugars. I love the fish, especially the Portuguese grilled cod and in restaurants I usually order a steak accompanied by a salad.

Hydration: you have to stay well hydrated. Drinking water is essential and also avoiding alcohol.

Eat regularly: If you train regularly, it is important to keep your energy levels high. Sometimes I make up to six small meals a day, to make sure I give the maximum performance in each session.

I try to listen to music during training, it serves both to isolate myself as a motivation and to train better. I usually listen to hip hop and reggaeton.
Relax: training and physical sessions are important, but leading a relaxed lifestyle helps you get the most out of yourself physically and mentally.
Spending time with family and friends helps me relax and maintain a positive attitude.

Now you only have to ask the Vitonics if these 15 fitness tips, a little bit of photoshop and a lot of reggaeton are the key that “merengón” look like this in their latest snapshots.


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