Antivirus for Android really protect and how to maintain security

Although Android does not need an antivirus, being unconcerned about what we install can infect us for malware. We offer you apps that really protect.Whenever I look at the cell phone of a friend or family, I usually find the kind of programs we usually avoid in The Free Android: the applications dedicated to cleaning. Paradoxically they are the most downloaded: just go to the Google Play Store to find out. But are they really useful? Most do not, but there are anti-virus software that can fix infections, especially adware or software that sends advertisements in the background.

Just like on the computer, the best antivirus is to keep our device updated whenever you can and take care of what we installed and open it. Download reliable apps from Google Play and do not start any suspicious files: this way you’ll be 99% problem free. Or more.

Of course, it may happen that we want an Apk that is not in our country, download a game that has not yet or that we are ROOT and flasheemos a modification; Not to mention pirated apps (I do not recommend them, but I’m not going to be hypocritical either). In these cases we run the risk of becoming infected by the different types of malicious software that exist. They are not viruses as we know them on the computer, but they can do the same damage.

Be wary of applications that promise to clean your mobile

Developers take advantage of Android’s fear of malware infection. In fact it is something that has been anchored to our system: “Android has viruses”. Those of you who know it know that it is false, but not the same with most users. Hence many download an evil called “antivirus” right behind WhatsApp and Facebook.

CleanMaster, CM Security, Super Cleaner … The main mission of these applications is to fill the advertisement and get as much data as possible. It is best that you do not download them and that, in case you install many apks of dubious origin, use some of the anti-malware apps that I have selected. I always recommend that you take into account everything I have highlighted above.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

It is one of my favorites. Free, updated and with different types of analysis that will find threats on the smartphone. It can be activated to detect malicious apps in real time, but it is usually enough to keep this service off and analyze from time to time everything we have installed and downloaded.


Of the best and most reliable antivirus for Android. It detects most of the usual threats that are logged in our system and keeps updated to avoid future threats. It allows to analyze the mobile in depth, keep the scanning process in the background to detect the malware that runs, offers protection for web browsing … Bitdefender is very complete.

This application has a free version and with ads as well as limited. You can also download the full version and try it for free for 14 days. More than enough time to detect all the malware you have on your smartphone.


Avast is one of the best Antivirus for PC and Smartphone, their 1 year free license is love and you can also use Avast premier license file to activate it till 2050. It can protect you from viruses, malware and adwares on real-time basis. I just love its firewall feature that doesn’t allow any malicious IP or program to access your device. The great thing is that you can update avast antivirus without internet connection.

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The third antivirus for Android that I recommend is Sophos, a security application that, despite not having a very modern design, offers protection against most of the malware that ravages Android. Analysis on demand, in the background, web filtering, mail … And it’s completely free and without subscriptions. A very good option to make sure everything is kept under control.

I stress the smart use of our mobile: if you download reliable applications from the Google Play Store, you trust only the reputed developers and watch the permissions of all the apps before installing them your mobile will remain secure. It also monitors with the web browsing and with the attachments of the mail account. In short: it moves the intelligent use of the computer to the smartphone.

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