The most pirated stores on Android

In addition to Google Play there are many other stores where Android applications and games can be purchased; Both free and paid versions. They are “legitimate” stores, that is, where what is paid, is paid. However, they can be interesting for various reasons. For example:


Amazon Apps: Usually give away a payment application every day. The bad thing is that sometimes they delay in putting the last version of the applications for more you can visit

F-Droid: catalogs only free and open source applications (opensource); So it is imperative if you want to support free software.

Yandex: is the most popular application store in Russia, although they use it worldwide and the application is in Spanish. It is good, they check all the applications with Kaspersky antivirus and, in addition, they give you bonuses for 10% of the amount of each application you buy.

But, in addition to the legitimate ones, there are numerous shops and sites that offer all kinds of free applications, both those that are already free and those that are originally paid. They are the most pirated Android stores on the Internet. And, of course, they are also very popular.

In them you can download all kinds of applications and games at zero cost. Sometimes, these are modified applications to remove the license check. In others, it is simply the pro application itself that is shared and it is enough to install it to make it work.

The possible negative part is that such modifications carry some kind of malware so you always have to put an extra attention (read permissions, for example and reject what is not quite clear).

Methods to restore whatsapp messages

How To Restore your old WhatsApp chat history

Many of the smartphone users lose their chat history due to amateur mistakes. Sometimes, the backup option is not updated or deactivated by the user due to various reasons. This technique of restoring old Whatsapp chat also works with dual whatsapp which most of the people use these days either via parallel app or WhatsApp. Do to forgetfulness, when the user uninstalls Whatsapp, install a new user account, or buy a new phone, the old chat history is lost. You might get confused due to the data loss. Do not worry as there is a perfect way to restore the old chat history. Follow the simple steps and get it done right away.

Methods to restore whatsapp messages

How To Restore WhatsApp Messages

Recovering week old chat history

The efficient chat application automatically takes care of your chat history by backing up your data at 4 am every day. This data is stored in the SD memory slot on your phone. If you want your chat history that dates seven days only, all you have to do is to uninstall and reinstall the application. During the process, a command prompt will appear which will ask to restore your history. Select the ‘Restore’ option, and the rest will be done automatically.

In fact, in iOS, all you have to do is to shake the phone when you have accidentally deleted a string of messages. It will be magically restored by the device. This trick only works for the last deleted messages. Only the recent one will be recovered.

Recovering older history

The chat history older than a week might take a little more time. If you set the backup device as Google Drive, first disconnect it. Remove your local SD card and connect it to your computer via a card reader or anything convenient. Visit the card’s WhatsApp folder and search for the ‘Database’ subfolder. The route is:


In this Android-fed SD card, you will find various files with names ‘msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt’. Rename the most recent one as ‘old.’ Find the older files that date before you deleted your chat history. You have to choose a particular file to go with and rename it ‘msgstore.db.crypt’ like the most recent one.You can play super mario flash 2 unblocked with that.

Insert the Micro SD card and reinstall WhatsApp. You will find your old chat history, appearing in the application. In this case, your current history will be deleted as you have replaced the most recent one to recover the old one. Locating deleted images and videos is easier than chat recovery with the help of a file manager application. You will find every audio, image or video file with the WhatsApp initial.