How to Fit Massage Chair in a Small Bedroom

While setting up the bedroom, you want to keep all of your important things in your room. Some people prefer to keep a comfortable chair close to the window so that they could enjoy the nature outside to relax. Some people want to keep their massage chair in their bedroom because they want to use it daily to relax their stressed nerves. Well, the choice is yours. You can keep your desired items in the room. What if the bedroom is small and there is not much space to fit the massage chair, and you still want to keep it there? It becomes a grim situation because the bedroom is so small that a massage chair can’t be kept there. Massage chairs for full body are usually bigger in size and they are the most difficult ones to fit in a bedroom, check these massage chairs, I’m sure you’ll get what you’re looking for. No worries for it. I am going to discuss some tips I have used to make my small bedroom large enough to fit my massage chair there. You can also follow these tips to create space for your massage chair and be happy.

Most of us buy massage chair because of severe back pain and it’s not possible to go to spa every week and have a back massage. As it would be costly and time consuming too. If you want a back massage then check this guide: how to massage lower back otherwise check my article about massage chairs.

  • Make the Room Less Cluttered

If you are using some corner decorators or the personal belongings like writing desk, dresser or any comfortable chair, you need to remove them all. If you keep them in the room and try to fit the massage chair too, there will be no space and that will be cluttering badly. So, remove these things that are not so important as compared to your new massage chair. The room should be gracefully settled, and there should be some space for you to move here and there.

  • Remove Furniture

If there is a sofa or a comfortable chair, you need to remove it because that does not require now. You should remove them and especially heavier furniture. It will create more space to your room, and you can keep there your new massage chair.

  • Fill the Corner

If you want to maintain the massage chair in the centre of the room near to your bed or near the window or beside the door, it will occupy more space. You should keep the chair in a corner to fill the space. It will not clutter your small room, and you can quickly move to and fro.

  • Maximum Use the Wall Space

You need to remove the side lamps and the side tables if you want to create some space for your desired massage chair in a small bedroom. Use the wall space for nightstands instead of using the lamps on side tables. This kind of hung wall lights can create the same dreamy effects to the bedroom and thus, you can take a sound sleep.

  • Buy a Small Massage Chair

While keeping in view the little size of your room, you should select a smart and small massage chair for you. If you visit the market or any online store, you will find frumpy as well as smart massage chairs. For example, “Panasonic EP-MS40 Sofa chair” that is very comfortable and looks like a sofa. You can also select “oSIM uSoffa Petit” that is quite small in size. It seems like a simple chair, and you can select it for your small bedroom.


How To Pot A Ball In Snooker – Improve Your Snooker Potting

While some are born with natural talent but others work hard for it.

Potting the snooker balls isn’t that easy as Ronnie o’Sullivan makes it so. You may think of grabbing the stick, taking your shot and potting the ball.

No! It’s not that simple.

There’s a lot to learn on how to pot a ball in Snooker and we’ll definitely help you out with some easy to follow tips that will improve your overall snooker game.

So, brace yourself and strictly consider these tips on potting a ball in snooker.

How to Pot a Ball In Snooker?

I always emphasis on positioning!

Just because a red ball is right in front of a pocket doesn’t mean you should blindly aim for it. You should first position the shot and avoid giving your opponent an unnecessary advantage.

By positioning, I mean to look for the next ball to pot after you hit the red or the colored ball. However, you can always play safe if the next ball is not in a good position to hit.


OK! Now you know that positioning is the most important factor, let’s go through some tips to attempt a successful shot.

  • Evaluation: Start by evaluating the table. Of course, after the balls are scattered. Just like many, you might attempt a difficult shot. This is why you need to go round the table and see which shot is perfect for you.
  • Using Dominant Eye: Always use the dominant eye to make the line of your shot. Take your time to adjust the angle before you hit. Don’t try to rush into things.
  • Aiming: The next thing is to aim and you should aim the cue ball on the spot opposite to the side of the cup that the line goes through the target ball.
  • Hand & Body: For the initial stance, it depends on whether you are right or left handed. If you are left-handed, the left foot should be behind you and vice versa. For the hand, your dominant one will be forming a bridge while the one grabbing the stick will be perpendicular to the floor, making a 90-degree angle.
  • Sweet Spot: It’s the point of contact on the object ball and you must find it perfectly. Take a good look at the cue ball and object ball and the line between them. Try to visualize it. Now, draw a virtual line in your head from the pocket to and through the other side of the object ball. It’s actually what faces away from the pocket.
  • Hitting: Finally, line up the shot and aim to hit the sweet spot perfectly. Make sure that your hitting hand doesn’t rumbles while you aim for the shot. And don’t forget the positioning while you hit the cue. It’s the most important aspect of targeting for the next ball.

Tips for 8 Ball Pool Game

On PC it’s hard to use this trick but on mobile devices it’s possible. Watch the below video to know them, for technology fans who don’t want to do it manually, they can use free 8 ball pool cheats to get coins and premium sticks for free.


You may not be successful in your first attempt and it may take countless attempts as well. All you need is practice and patience.

Methods to restore whatsapp messages

How To Restore your old WhatsApp chat history

Many of the smartphone users lose their chat history due to amateur mistakes. Sometimes, the backup option is not updated or deactivated by the user due to various reasons. This technique of restoring old Whatsapp chat also works with dual whatsapp which most of the people use these days either via parallel app or WhatsApp. Do to forgetfulness, when the user uninstalls Whatsapp, install a new user account, or buy a new phone, the old chat history is lost. You might get confused due to the data loss. Do not worry as there is a perfect way to restore the old chat history. Follow the simple steps and get it done right away.

Methods to restore whatsapp messages

How To Restore WhatsApp Messages

Recovering week old chat history

The efficient chat application automatically takes care of your chat history by backing up your data at 4 am every day. This data is stored in the SD memory slot on your phone. If you want your chat history that dates seven days only, all you have to do is to uninstall and reinstall the application. During the process, a command prompt will appear which will ask to restore your history. Select the ‘Restore’ option, and the rest will be done automatically.

In fact, in iOS, all you have to do is to shake the phone when you have accidentally deleted a string of messages. It will be magically restored by the device. This trick only works for the last deleted messages. Only the recent one will be recovered.

Recovering older history

The chat history older than a week might take a little more time. If you set the backup device as Google Drive, first disconnect it. Remove your local SD card and connect it to your computer via a card reader or anything convenient. Visit the card’s WhatsApp folder and search for the ‘Database’ subfolder. The route is:


In this Android-fed SD card, you will find various files with names ‘msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt’. Rename the most recent one as ‘old.’ Find the older files that date before you deleted your chat history. You have to choose a particular file to go with and rename it ‘msgstore.db.crypt’ like the most recent one.

Insert the Micro SD card and reinstall WhatsApp. You will find your old chat history, appearing in the application. In this case, your current history will be deleted as you have replaced the most recent one to recover the old one. Locating deleted images and videos is easier than chat recovery with the help of a file manager application. You will find every audio, image or video file with the WhatsApp initial.

Designing an Exhibition Stand – A Few Tips for Small Exhibitions

When you are in the process of arranging an exhibition, the most important thing to consider is the design of your exhibition stand. It should be a lot more than eye-catching and colorful. There are only a few people who understand the importance of designing an exhibition; and even if they do, they are unable to carry it out in the right way. For this purpose, and save all the hassle, there is exhibition stand designer company Dubai that is working in this regard and helping businesses hold a successful exhibition.

Exhibition Stand


By working with these companies, you will get to know the importance of the first impression to a potential customer. If your exhibition stand design is worth a while, there is a high probability that even the ones who may not even have thought of availing your services or buying your product earlier, may approach the counter and inquire about the perks of your offers and products or services. So, here are a few key strategies that are opted by successful exhibition holders and exhibition stand designers in order to gain maximum results in a limited time frame.

Know the purpose

Selling your product and advertising it are two different things. You have to be clear at this step. Keep this thing in mind and then design your exhibition stand. It will give you a big exposure and a clear picture of your brand requirements.

Know your audience

Knowing the needs and wants of your audience is one of the most important things. You will not be able to cater potential customers if you are unaware of their needs and desires. There is no use of a wonderful exhibit stand if it does not fulfill the requirements of your audience.

Use of space 

Not every brand gets a bigger space in the exhibition, which is why you must know how to utilize the allocated space in the right way. It is often suggested to avoid taking an exhibit space near the entrance of the exit of the hall. A lot of potential customers may be unable to reach you because of a big crowd always entering and entering the venue.

Lights and display

All of the exhibition stand designers focus on the display and lighting of the booth. It is because you have to highlight what you are offering and let people know that you have something unique to offer them. Remember, you may not be the only travel agency advertising in the crowd, so make sure you focus on all the details and do not miss a single point.


The team that is going to represent your brand to the people in the exhibition must be well informed about the products and services they are offering. It is a part of exhibit design because people are going to ask a number of questions and they want them answered accurately.

Taking help and guidance from Exhibition Stand Designer Company Dubai is a wise idea; especially for the businesses that are new in the market or the ones who have been in business for long but are entering the exhibition world for the first time.

Maintenance Tips for your Volkswagen

Who wouldn’t want to keep their cars as new as possible? We even hear of stories of people who want to preserve that new car smell, but even without going to the perverse, a lot of us can relate to this. Buying a car is a huge investment, so it’s only normal to worry to about the wear and tear that naturally occurs because you use it on a daily basis. To help keep your Volkswagen as pristine as possible for as a long as possible, here as some simple maintenance tips you can try.

Maintenance Tips for your Volkswagen


The quality of your tire can significantly affect the performance and health of your car. One of the key things that you have to remember in maintaining a Volkswagen is making sure that your tires are of good quality, have the right amount of pressure and do not have any damage from sharp objects. Taking the time to inspect them, and check if they’re worn in or damaged can spell the difference between a good performing car and a bad one. It’s also good idea to check for Volkswagen-approved tires before buying a spare or replacements, so it runs your car runs great under any condition.

Oil change

Because you use your car regularly, effective maintenance is also dependent on consistency. Schedule an oil change every 3 months because your car functions best when the oil, which acts both as a cleaning and cooling agent, is refreshed at least after 3,000 miles-worth of use.
Maintaining a Volkswagen means making sure all its parts work smoothly. Oil stops the moving parts of your car from grinding each other too much, lessening the wear and tear and stopping them from overheating. It also keeps debris away from the engine, letting you drain them along with the oil when you change it.


To better understand how regularly checking your brake system affects how your car works, it’s best to understand how brakes function. When you step on the brake, the pads are pressing down on spinning discs. Eventually, the pads and discs are worn down. The constant rubbing of metals against each other causes heat and then cracks. Those can reduce the traction of the brakes over time. So that doesn’t happen, regularly inspecting your brakes is important. It’s even recommended by most automobile companies and automotive technicians.

Brakes are one of most crucial things to check when maintaining a Volkswagen because it’s a basic part of the car. If that suddenly does not work, you could end up in an accident. Investing on new brake pads, and inspections every few months are far cheaper than getting your entire car fixed because of wreck or worse.

Tune ups

Maintaining a Volkswagen is easiest when you set and follow a schedule for tune ups. These inspections make sure that the whole car is working smoothly, and it is a good way to prevent future issues that could harder and more expensive to resolve.

5 Essential Spring Cleaning Tasks


Oh, the spring cleaning. All the tasks you set aside early in the year now expect – a seemingly endless list of tasks. However, not everyone has the time or energy to clean the house from top to bottom. For those who need to shorten this seasonal ritual, house cleaners suggest about Clean Affinity Portland Oregon and  say the following areas are the most critical:


“I think the most people have more trouble keeping up with the skirting boards,” said John Crum, owner of Crum Cleaning in Kansas City, Missouri. To clean your skirting boards, first empty or sweep the area. Then take a cloth or sponge and cleaning solution – a combination of soap and water, vinegar or a wood cleaner – and clean the skirting boards.

High dusting

Homeowners often forget about dust ceiling fans and because they are out of reach. Some may choose not to clean because the job sometimes requires a ladder. Maria Keashon, owner of Arbor Cleaning at Feasterville, adds that owners forget to clean the top of their kitchen cabinets. “With the kitchen cabinets, you normally see people putting plants and decorations up there,” he said. “They never think about going there [clean].” Keashon said that his company always cleans the cabinet head when completing a spring cleaning, since the dust accumulates quickly.Those who do not want to climb to the top of a ladder can buy a wand plus powder made specifically for high applications Level and ceilings.


Crum such walls are another neglected area when it comes to cleaning house.However, homeowners face many challenges when washing walls, because the proper method can vary depending on whether the walls are painted and the type of paint used. If you do not know what type of paint adorns your walls, it is best to use dishwashing soap and water to gently wipe it down. This also works for walls that are not painted, such as those included in the wallpaper. Do not rub too hard or the paint may disappear.

Behind devices

According to Crum, many people overlook the more difficult to reach areas such as behind the refrigerator, oven, washer and dryer as they take more time to clean. However, once a year, you should take extra time to move the devices and clean behind and under them as the dirt, dust and crumbs accumulate in these places. If you own a cat, it is possible that you may find bread clips, hair bands, or other items that had been affected on your devices as well.

Cabinets in the interior

Keashon said that most people assume within their companies remain perfectly clean, as they are only open to remove or store the dishes. However, these areas pick up the dirt in time.She recommends removing all the dishes and cleaning the cabinets once a year.